pharmacy Oct 23, 2020

One of the most mysterious and rare syndromes, Auto brewery Syndrome also known as gut fermentation syndrome is commonly referred to as 'drunkenness' disease. The disorder which is for only affects a very small chunk of population is responsible for causing build-up of ethanol in one's stomach and small intestine. This happens because of fermentation of carbohydrates that the person consumes, by yeast. Some of the common yeasts responsible for causing this syndrome are S. cerevisiae (fungi responsible for making bread) and C albicans (usually present in gut flora).

It is one of the very few disorders that cannot be inherited genetically and hence there have been no people born with pre-existing conditions for it. In most cases it is developed as a side effect of other medical conditions like short bowel syndrome in which small intestine and large intestine do not work in harmony or Crohn's Disease in which gut inflammation is seen.

In some interesting cases studied auto brewery was responsible for causing urinary auto brewery syndrome in which alcohol was generated by fermentation in urinary tract and people actually excreted ethanol and alcohol while urinating.

While the syndrome isn't a threat to person's life it is definitely something that cannot be neglected. In some cases, people have had road accidents because the person behind the wheel felt so drunk that he lost control over the vehicle. Ironically, most people want to get this syndrome just to get the feeling of being high and tend to forget that it is one of the chronic disorders that require medical interventions and dietary changes and it cannot be cured but can only be controlled. Treatments for syndrome include anti-fungal agents like Fluconazole and Ketoconazole. Some changes in life style like removing sugary substances from the meal can also prove to be very beneficial.


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