A CHAT with Seniors - MEA

Mechanical Aug 26, 2020

Due to the corona pandemic and the subsequent lock-down, we have been off campus for a really long time now. Most of us have a number of questions about a variety of topics, and perhaps the most important being of them related to future career prospects. Given the vast number of choices we have today, it is extremely difficult to make the right choice without proper guidance. Had we been in campus, it would have been very easy to approach seniors and to clear our doubts (albeit, at the risk of an "interaction")

So, in order to bridge the gap that the lockdown has created, the Mechanical Engineering Association of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus conducted an event, "A Chat with Seniors", to help the juniors interact with alumni to gain a better understanding of the career prospects best suited to their interests.

Seniors from across various career domains were invited to be a part of this interactive session to give their insights from all the experience that they have gathered over their college life. The session’s main target audience was anyone who was not able to decide which is the best from the various career paths available. From finance and non-tech to core and IT, questions asked by the students were answered in detail and with great enthusiasm by the alumni without missing a single essential cue. Questions regarding research, masters, interviews, job profiles etc. were addressed. And the oncoming questions were answered by our beloved seniors with great interest! The alumni also shared their individual campus experiences and how they decided their path along with do’s and don'ts and a few tips to balance fun and work. It was an extremely insightful and refreshing session for the students and speakers alike.

The talk was a great success and we plan on conducting more of such talks in the future to make sure that we are able to reach out and address as many people’s queries as possible to make sure no one loses out on guidance because of the pandemic.


Mechanical Engineers Association, BPHC

This is BPHC's MEA. We cover recent breakthroughs, organize talks by renowned specialists in their field and hold technical events, sparking interest in people in the field of mechanical engineering.

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