microbiology Nov 30, 2020
  • Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and/or yeasts (fungi) that naturally live in your body. When you get an infection, there’s more bad bacteria, knocking your system out of balance. These good bacteria can be found in mouth, nasal cavity, ears, lungs, intestines, eyes, vagina, urinary tract. The appendix is not useless – It incubates probiotics.
  • Different types of probiotics may have different effects. The benefits of taking them are- helps in relief from diarrhea, constipation, certain infections (yeast, urinary tract, respiratory, dental), etc. They may promote heart health, support the treatment of mental health issues, may help you lose weight and belly fat. They produce a huge number of vitamins and also increase the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics can also slow the aging process, improve overall skin health, increase energy levels, boost immune function. Probiotics should be taken after taking an antibiotic as it can repopulate the good bacteria that was destroyed by the antibiotics and re-boot your system.
  • Because microbes used as probiotics already exist naturally in your body, probiotic foods and supplements are generally considered safe. They may trigger allergic reactions, and may also cause mild stomach upset, diarrhea, bloating. Those symptoms usually go away after your body gets used to them. There is a risk of infection in some people those who have- a weak immune system, critical illness, recently had surgery . The possible risks are developing resistance to antibiotics from the probiotic supplement. Though adding probiotic-rich foods into your diet won’t hurt you, balance is still the key.
  • Make sure that the microbe must be alive when administered- These are live microorganisms that will not provide the promised benefits if they don't remain alive. A rule of thumb is to take at least a billion colony forming units (CFUs) daily. If you stop taking them, your gut bacteria are likely to return to their pre-supplementation condition within 1-3 weeks. Signs You Might Need Them- Digestive irregularities, sugar cravings are out of control, metabolism is a bit slow, after taking an antibiotic (even if it was a long time ago) and having skin infections.


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