Meet Your Teachers: R Krishnan

Hyderabad Aug 16, 2020

Ques. In which branch of Chemistry did you do your Masters in?

Ans. I did my Masters in General Chemistry, but later I did my PhD in Inorganic Chemistry.

Ques. Did you change your previous field? If yes, then why?

Ans. Broadly, no, but within the field of Inorganic Chemistry I have deeply invested time in various subfields. For instance, I started my PHD in catalysis involving inorganic compounds, then shifted to spectroscopy (particularly related to reactive intermediates). Later on I was involved in various synthetic modellings in bioinorganic chemistry, extraction of real biological samples, analyzing organometallic catalysis reactions, and lastly dealing with supra-molecular complexes for energy applications.

Ques. What is your current research interest?

Ans. Mainly I am interested in developing functional supra-molecular compounds. Specifically, for that we need to have bridging ligands which are mainly organic, hence we need to do research on developing organic ligands, then use that for making multi-nuclear compounds. This would lead to several centers within the same compound, each having very different functions, which would be useful for energy applications.

Ques. What kind of projects are open for students in your current ongoing projects?

Ans. In my ongoing research there are several project opportunities related to design and synthesis of the multi-nuclear compounds. Apart from that, projects also involve characterization using spectroscopic techniques for thermal as well as structural properties. There are also projects in area of electrochemistry, as most of the compounds involved are electroactive. I give students an opportunity of LOPs, SOPs and as well as thesis under me.  

Ques. Are there any prerequisites involved for undertaking a project?

Ans. The prerequisites for the same is basically the Instrumental Analysis (IMA) course as the characterization comes from there, and lastly willingness to work and get good results.


Alchemy - The Chemistry Association; BPHC

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