Team Anant: Satellite Team

Space Aug 18, 2020

We are Team Anant, BITS Pilani's Undergraduate Student Satellite Team. Founded in January 2013 by students driven by their passion for multidisciplinary research and space.

Let us introduce you to CubeSats - An Engineering Marvel. A CubeSat has the size of a shoebox! It is used for space research and is made up of multiples of 10 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm cubic units having a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms per unit.

Compared to conventional satellites, CubeSats are inexpensive to develop and launch. The extensive use of miniaturized electronics, sensors/actuators, and a stacked integration approach has cut spacecraft production and integration costs. CubeSats can be networked together to form constellations. Such a configuration has inherent redundancy and potentially greater coverage when in orbit.

The team features 7 subsystems comprising of students from different disciplines across all undergraduate years:

  1. On-Board Computer  
  2. Electrical Power Subsystem
  3. Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem
  4. Structural and Thermal Subsystem
  5. Telemetry and Ground Station Subsystem  
  6. Payload Subsystem
  7. Publicity, Sponsorship and Design

These subsystems coherently work together on topics ranging from Embedded Systems Design to Thermal analysis. This amalgamation of new and emerging technologies, research, and applications of almost all the different domains of various engineering and science disciplines makes this a very ambitious and prestigious project for any institute.


Team Anant

Team Anant is an Undergraduate Student Satellite Team. Our objective is to build and launch a Cubesat with a hyperspectral imager as its payload and an FPGA to implement image compression algorithms.

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