The EV Obsession

Automotive Sep 26, 2020

As engineers, we are inclined towards new technologies and therefore most of us welcome this upcoming change in the automobile sector i.e. Electric Vehicles aka EVs. But before we begin let's take a look at the hot take by the industry leader Ferrari on their views on electric vehicles.

“We firmly believe that battery technology is not yet developed enough to meet the needs of a supercar. In the next five years, we do not believe the technology will be able to meet the needs of a Ferrari.”

This statement goes against the popular belief that the whole automobile industry is going berserk to produce electric cars, It’s simply not true. One common mistake many people commit is associating all-electric cars with Tesla and say in general that electric vehicles are evidently superior to the trusted combustion engine vehicles. But Tesla is actually one extremely innovative company which is breaking rules and paving the way for future EVs; still, it is one out of a large pool of other companies. Even the industry leaders like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi depend more on a Hybrid engine rather than a fully electric vehicle. And most of these aforementioned brands plan to bring their respective fully functional EVs by 2025 which is quite late considering the waves the product has been making. Keeping these things in mind, what should we hope for in the future? Should all cars be electric or it isn’t that fun compared to traditional fossil fuel-based engines? Practically speaking, an electric vehicle that uses alternative sources of energy to charge its battery is the future. Tesla has proven that the performance of an EV can surpass that of an IC engine but currently mankind still produces majority of electricity by burning coal which doesn’t solve the problem of pollution what it does is that it distances the user from the source of pollution and in our fast-paced lives we feel like we are causing no or comparably very little pollution. The other factor that many people overlook is that, to manufacture batteries and other electrical components heavy metals and rare metals are required which causes more pollution during both mining and when they finally end up as waste products. Thus increasing awareness about responsible disposal of these components and advocating for sustainable sources of Clean Energy is what is the need of the hour. We can't just see the end product in our hands and forget about the whole process behind it.


Team BITS, Shell Eco Marathon

A team of budding engineers across various disciplines with a shared passion for building the most fuel-efficient and futuristic car for Shell Eco-Marathon Asia. Interesting? Do reach out to know more

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