The Spirit of Shell-Eco Marathon

Automotive Aug 18, 2020

Our planet Earth is blessed with an abundance of resources, but our experiments have proven that if we mindlessly exploit these resources, we can potentially do more harm than good. Learning from our past mistakes we humans have taken upon us to create sustainable entities which take care of the fact that we not only utilize these advancements for the benefit of the human race but also ensure that the future generations have a better experience than we had in our time and not vice-versa. On these lines only, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, commonly known as Shell, has taken upon themselves to ignite this spirit among the young college students who are the future of this planet.

“Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual event that inspires budding engineers from all over the globe to bring their vision of sustainable mobility to reality by building and driving specialized ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. It aims to meet the energy needs of mobility in ways that are economically, socially, and environmentally viable for now and for the future.”

Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage. With this thought in mind, students participating in the competition try to push the barriers of Fuel-economy in mass-produced vehicles, even using alternative sources of energy like ethanol. Team BITS has been the first Indian team to use an ethanol-based engine and has been applauded both nationally and internationally for the same. The fuel economy of the car refers to the distance traveled by the vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed. Consumption can be expressed in terms of fuel volume to travel a distance, or the distance traveled per unit of fuel consumed. Vehicle fuel consumption is an essential factor in air pollution. Since the importation of motor fuel can be a large part of a nation's foreign trade, many countries impose fuel economy requirements. Although every team participating in this thrilling competition of zeal and sweat has different goals to reach, like using the cheapest, eco-friendly materials to build a car or use a clean fuel like ethanol, each of them in hindsight wants the best for our planet. Which can be summarised with the following passage;

I have a dream that one day the alarm clock that wakes me up would be directly charged from sunlight, and each-and-every vehicle and appliance would be powered by the waves rushing at the seashore or the glorious winds that blow around this tiny green and blue planet floating in the infinite universe.


Team BITS, Shell Eco Marathon

A team of budding engineers across various disciplines with a shared passion for building the most fuel-efficient and futuristic car for Shell Eco-Marathon Asia. Interesting? Do reach out to know more

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