The Team

BAJA Aug 16, 2020

Team Grease Monkeys is a student oriented team from BITS Goa started in 2014 by highly motivated students for a sole purpose of bringing out the conceptual knowledge and applying it to design and manufacture an all terrain vehicle for prestigious SAE BAJA competition, organised for undergraduate engineering students globally every year.

The car is designed by our team from scratch and manufactured in our workshop. Team is divided into 4 subsystems consisting of total 25 members. Each subsystem team conducts research on various components of the car to increase the performance and standard for better design. Various components and parts of the car are designed and analysed on specialised softwares for real time scenarios.

As we get the clean chit from the virtuals for the design we start manufacturing different parts for the ATV in our workshop to assemble the ATV. Over the past few years we have succeded in clearing the Virtuals every year.Some of the parts that are complex to manufacture are ordered from outside. All the components are assembled keeping in mind the rules and safety regulations proposed by BAJA SAE. After all the testing and modification we are ready to present our vehicle at BAJA SAEINDIA.

Over 350 teams participate in the competition out of which only 150 teams clear the virtuals which is the first stage of this two stage competition. These 150 teams participate in the static and dynamic events over a period of three days held generally in the month of January. These events consist of Technical Inspection to make sure that the vehicle is manufactured with the specifications of the rule book and also to make sure a safe and fair competition among the teams. TI is followed by various static events of sales, design and cost presentation for which points are awarded on the basis of performance.

Static events are followed by the much awaited dynamic events consisting of acceleration,brake test, hill climb and maneuverability event to check the potential of the vehicle and ability of the driver. This is followed by the suspension and traction tests clearing which the vehicle competes for the endurance run. The overall rank of the car is decided on the basis of points awarded in all these static and dynamic events.

Team Grease Monkeys : 2019


Grease Monkeys,Baja SAE-India BITS Goa team

We are a group of automotive enthusiasts who design and fabricate ATVs. We believe in bringing out the concepts learnt in the classroom and applying them to create engineering marvels in form of ATVs.

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